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Join The Global Week of Food Action

Learn more, join an action, create an action in your area to raise your voice for a sustainable tomorrow.

April 23rd to 30th

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raise your Voice on April 23rd-30th, 2023 

One Planet.
One Platform.
A Beautiful Voice.

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Take Action

Global Week 

of Food Action

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March For Our Planet Road Map

    March For Our Planet is a global campaign focusing on sustainable development goals through on the ground action and advocacy. This year of 2023 has many key global points of action, starting with biodiversity, water and food issues for the beginning of 2023 towards the Sustainable Development Goal Summit and COP 28 UNFCCC proceedings towards September to November of 2023. 2023 will see participation through groups in many different ways, from caravans and actions during the UN Water conference, UN Food System Summit in Vietnam, to global messages from countries around the world on the UN Sustainable Development Goals Summit in September and marches around the Conference of Parties 28th Meeting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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March For Our Planet Pillars of Action

Climate Justice

Establishing the equitable distribution of duties for combating climate change as well as the proper division of the costs and benefits associated with it.

Social Justice

Establishing a foundation for equality in a society's distribution of resources, opportunities, and privileges in an effort to guarantee that individuals fulfill their societal roles and receive what is due to them.

Nonviolent Economy

Creation of a global Nonviolent Economy fund to help support local projects addressing such sustainability initiatives to struggling frontline community projects such as projects along Lake Victoria.

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Coalition and Partners


Calm Waters

Mary, 30

Amazing projects. Your efforts really count to global sanity, safety and peace.

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